Imagine what an energy of one woman can have inside and what can be done through the synergy of women in one place...

„Rise of women in culture in Western Balkans“ is a project that offers a part of the answer to that question. The contemporary age is the age of imparity to which art responds with diversity in expression and media. Understanding and acceptance are the key.

Art connects... and this will be presented through two exhibitions „Women about women“, both in real space and in virtual space, physical reality and virtual reality. Through the liaison work of female curators and female artists we raise awareness of the female angle of observation and reaction to reality.

During the process of the project we will talk, explore, educate, collaborate, socialize and adapt to modern digital technologies (VR technologies). Aware of the need for youth energy and led by desire to encourage it, we have developed a residential program with 30 young female artists from Western Balkans and Europe (open call for 30 young artists up to the age of 28).

By networking of female curators from the both noninstitutional and institutional sectors, we open the field for connecting and encouraging future projects with similar theme (NFC – network of female curators).

What will we do for wider visibility? We are producing an interactive website, filming and broadcasting of the documentary series and the final publication.

Being from the field of art, we started with the female art in general and along the way gained the strong support from the partner organisation and project leader Phenomenon association, who enriched the project with its feminist perspective.

Therefore, the project is mainly based on participation of women in culture, their gathering and connecting with the aim of raising awareness of the role of woman in culture in the Western Balkan.

For the base of the visual identity we chose an artwork of a young female artist that is the picture of the intervention on skin with word the LOVE (originally љубав in Serbian), made on the skin with own lymph, which disappeared with time and left a scar. A trace on the skin is just like a trace in time, and with this project we want to leave a mark in time.

Co-funded by the European Union


Fenomena, partner leader, association from Serbia
BeoArt Contemporary, association from Serbia
Udruga Prizma, association from Croatia
SPES, NGO from Montenegro
SENSUS, association from North Macedonia
Lokarjeva gallery (Lokarjeva galerija), organisation from Slovenia


Co-funded by: