Lona Verlich
Lona Verlich
The artist was born in Ljubljana, Slovenija in 1975. She graduated in design - Theatre poster on Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In the year 2000/01 she studied MA study of illustration and graphic arts in Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and completed her first year in Helsinki, Finland. In 2005 she got her MA degree in illustrated authorial children’s books. In 2006 she was awarded the first prize at an authorial book contest in Austria for her illustrated book entitled Old Man Bertold’s Secret. In 2009 she received the highest grant for two of her books and in 2012 she received a work grant for her recent book for children The Sign of Seagulls. The artist is a member of Fine Artists’ Association of North Primorska Region. Since 2003 Lona and her husband have been running the Centre of Arts and Design Licna Hisa in Ajdovscina. She lives and works in Ajdovscina.


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