Marina Ćorić
Marina Ćorić
Marina Ćorić was born on 29 March 1987 in Zadar, where she completed the elementary school and the High School for Textile, Design and Applied Arts. In 2017 she graduated with MA in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the class of Professor Dragana Nuić-Vučković. She’s currently employed as an arts teacher at elementary school. She’s been engaged in photography in the last 10 years, having her works exhibited at solo and group shows. She won several important regional awards, to mention but a few: Third prize by the jury and Second prize awarded by the audience at the First Biennial of Croatian Youth Photography (2011) and First prize in the category Nude/Body at 9th Rovinj Photodays (2016). Her photographs have been published in photography magazines and on book covers.


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