Shqipe Mehmeti
Selector / Curator
Shqipe Mehmeti
Shqipe Mehmeti was born in 1981, Kicevo, Macedonia. In 2004 graduated from the Faculty of fine arts in Skopje and in 2007 post-graduated in graphic art at the same faculty. From 2000 has participated in more than 150 group exhibitions in Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Czech Republic, Lithuania and France. She has 25 solo exhibitions in Skopje, Sofia, Paris, Berlin, Nuremberg, New York, Pristina, Visby. Since 2005 she has been a member of DLUM (Association of Fine Artists of Macedonia). Since 2010 Member of the Society of Artists "Shiroka Staza" Zemun, Serbia and since 2019 member of ICOM-Macedonia (International council of museums).


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