Seven episodes of the documentary series "WOMAN about WOMAN", directed by Boris Miljković, are available for viewing online on the YouTube channel of the project "Rise of woman" (website:, which is co-financed by IPA funds of the European Union and created through the cooperation of Beoart contemporary association and Rubljov agency.

The words of the director, Boris Miljković, are the best evidence of the process of creation: ... It was exciting to go through this story, theme, action, as you wish, interesting, well conceived and well organized, in any case. From Belgrade, via Podgorica, to Ajdovščina, Samobor, and to Skopje. Quite enough to be exciting, right? From the engaged action of a simple concept - women choose women, where curators choose their team, a series of small films about such teams (and their captains) emerged, which come to us from similar environments of the once unique cultural space, the former Yugoslavia. What is left after all, travel, exhibitions in the crown space, visits, conversations, studios, apartments, works, intimacy, personal histories, is a series of twenty-five portraits of unusual, talented and brave women who best represent themselves. and then the space and the problems that their environment brings. Add to that five great captains, menus or curators, you get the stories we are talking about here ... Look at us, maybe that will help us all to understand each other more fully and better.

The words of the initiator and artistic director of the project, Biljana Jotić, come from needs and motive:... Documenting thought and creative processes, this series in seven episodes brings together artists and curators from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Northern Macedonia, and is part of the international a two-year project that includes various activities that talk about gender equality, the position and presence of women in artistic, cultural and social reality. The idea for the series was initiated by the awareness of the growing presence of women in contemporary art, which stems from the desire to influence the new context of reaction to reality. We are witnesses that there have always been women who appear and leave an indelible mark in history and society, and this exhibition gathers more of them and carries a message about the present. The focus is on the present moment, so each episode testifies to the inner female being and the relationship of the individual to the collective and vice versa. In dialogue with the generations of the 21st century, the director strives to show how women shape contemporary Balkan cultural reality and how she shapes women. Through the diversity of forms of women's creative identity, in personal expressions, techniques and media, the series documents reflections of the most challenging and open questions of the diversity of our time that connects the notion of art. It is an artistic overview of contemporary reality and the position of women in art in the region ... By connecting institutional and non-institutional artistic practices, the series strives to approach the documentation of one part of contemporary movements of women in art in the most comprehensive way possible. Look at us, maybe we will open and encourage some new questions.

In an effort to raise the criteria in contemporary art, it problematizes several issues:
- diversity and heterogeneity as an integral part of the modern age,
- linking institutional and non-institutional curatorial practices,
- solidarity and common point of view - close relationship between curators and artists,
- networking and exchange, in terms of expanding the context of observation

Biljana Jotić, independent curator, Serbia
Nela Gligorović, independent curator, Montenegro
Sonja Švec Španjol, independent curator, Croatia
Anamarija Stibij Šaj, independent curator, Slovenia
Shquipe Mehmeti, artist and curator

Artists: Gordana Belić, Anđela Grabež, Vesna Vesić, Leonora Vekić i Natalija Miladinović, Milena Jovičević, Jovana Vujanović, Gordana Kuč, Anka Gardašević, Maja Šofranac Ivana Bajcer, Marina Ćorić, Mateja Rusak, Lena Kramarić, Mirela Blažević, Urša Toman, Teja Tejgelj, Anja Kranjc, Lona Verlich, Meta Šolar, Shquipe Mehmeti, Tanja Balać, Ana Lazarevska, Marija Petrovska Hristina Zafirovska.

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The international exhibition Women about Women and documentary series are parts of the project Rise of Women in the Culture of the Western Balkans (The Rise of Women in Culture in the Western Balkans). The organization of the exhibition and expert guidance is co-financed by the European Union. The views and opinions expressed during the expert management are the sole responsibility of the director and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.



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