On November 24 and 25 in the Mtel Digitalna fabrika, NGO Spes, in cooperation with the NGO Teorema, organized a two-day workshop Art and Internet Audience, tools and presentation techniques designed and led by Dr. Vesna Opavsky. The workshops were intended for artists but also for all other cultural workers.

Interactive workshop Art and Internet audience, tools and presentation techniques was realized in two segments:

1. Writing an artistic statement (Artists Statement)

Workshop leader Vesna Opavsky went with the participants through about twenty inspiring questions to which the artists recorded their answers. In addition, the workshop provided practical advice on text formatting and its promotion on digital channels. By the end of the workshop, all the artists present had sketched their artistic statements. The workshop was intended for those who have not yet written their Artistic Statement, but also for those who wanted to improve their statement or write a statement for exhibitions and/or projects they are preparing.

2. Promotion of the exhibition through digital channels During the second part of the workshop, Dr. Vesna Opavsky introduced the artists to the techniques of promoting exhibitions and cultural events in the virtual space, because with a strategic approach to reporting on digital channels, the visibility of events increases by several hundred times. This interactive lecture was realized as a presentation of the steps of promotion in a very practical way, following all the trends and opportunities of digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ...

After getting acquainted with all the activities of such promotional campaigns, all participants received a checklist of steps divided into five phases - preparation of materials, period before the exhibition, period during the exhibition, period after the exhibition, closing the campaign and archiving materials.

Public lectures will be organized in Montenegro and Slovenia. We plan to organize five public lectures covering topics of women who influence cultural scene of the Western Balkans in the 20th century, women in art, gender theory and role of women in the field of cultural diplomacy. All lectures will be given by best experts in the field and they will be open for professional and general public

Within the exhibition Women about women in Podgorica, an educational segment was realized, which, among other things, consisted of lectures on the identities and positions of artists through the history of art. The organizer in front of Montenegro is NGO Spes, and the project coordinator and curator is Nela Gligorović.

In the May 22, in Skopje, and in the Mala stanica and online, prof. to Maja .Kambovska held a workshop on "Copyright protection in the field of visual". Useful information for everyone in art you can see on the link youtube.com follow a PDF presentation. This was an one of the useful workshop about role and position of the artists today. This is our way of fighting - education.


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