In attamept to achieve general aims of project we will organize filed reaserach in 5 Western Balkans countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and North Macedonia) focused on 150 young female visual artists (30 per country) and minimum 30 curator (6 per country). After we collect raw data further analysis will be done and conclusion will be drowen as well as regional policy recommendation produced. Report from this reasearch and visualization of data will become part of publicaiton we will issue at the end of this project as well as independent research report. This research should provide to us and all interested stakeholders furtehr empirical evidence on which we can base future activities as well as to informe policy and decision makers regarding their further decisions.


Identiteti žene u savremenom vizuelnom stvaralaštvu

Идентитети жене у савременом визуелном стваралаштву


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