Women about women
-Residential -

- International exhibition of young female artists –
- Biljana Jotić, art historian and Curator
- Initiator and art director of the project

Women about women, residential is an exhibition of artworks produced at the Residency program in Zadar which provided space and conditions for individual and collective creation and production of artworks, exchange of knowledge among young female artists and curators. That international program gathered young female artists from different countries, selected by six female curators form Europe and WB.

Artworks created during the two-weeks residential program are an integral part of the collective exhibition in physical and virtual reality. The exhibition Women about Women, residential is a logical continuation of the project goals. Twenty-nine international female young artists made a various artwork, expressions on paintings, sculptures, installation in glass, textile, paper, videos, performance etc. It carries a strong message of female angle of creativity in the contemporary visual art and energy of youth and diversity.

Heterogeneity of visual expression is an inevitable phenomenon of the modern age as well as the diversity of media in which or with which they are expressed. Diversity of approaching to the females’ identities is a logical artistic response to the live in the modern age. Organized by Beoart Contemporary association and Europe’s Art Gallery.

Selectors: Biljana Jotić, Nela Gligorović, Anamarija Stibij Šajn, Sonja Švec Španjiol, Schipe Mehmeti, Nela Gligorović and Iana Stantieri Artists: Marija Zrnić (Serbia), Kristina Kusovac (Montenegro), Antonia Magdić (Croatia), Ivona Gjorgjiovska (North Macedonia), Monika Plamen (Slovenia), Ava Tribušon Ovsenik (Slovenia), Ana Trajkovska (North Macedonia), Eva Rotreklová (Czech Republic), Teodora Kipa (Montenegro), Moncea Malina (Romania), Ana Marinković (Serbia), Jana Stankovski (North Macedonia), Arijana Kadić (Montenegro), Ana Maria Maravić (Croatia), Jonna Lehtomaa (Finland), Tijana Mrvošević (Montenegro), Ena Antunović (Croatia), Aleksandra Đukić (Serbia), Doria Valković (Croatia), Danijela Savikj (North Macedonia), Varja Jovanović (Slovenia), Marija Tomić (Serbia), Tamara Pavićević (Montenegro), Nuša Fajfar (Slovenia), Ivana Samandova (North Macedonia), Linda Vilka (Latvia), Dragana Pendovska (North Macedonia), Lucija Marin (Croatia), Meta Mramor (Slovenia).


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